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Beer can chicken in the mini with mac nuts

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The set up: KBB with some whole and seeded mac nut shells



Half a chimney added to one side.



Spog w/ paprika marinated about four hours (not brined).



Hitting the lower grill in a bath of TBS.



I've been saving up some mac nuts from my father in laws trees to try this. It was inspired by Leah who post some fabulous food pics and uses pistachio shell a lot. I have my father in law and mother in law coming over for dinner and there is no back up plan...

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Your using a mini, it has to be good.

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This is about an hour and a half into the smoke. It's cruising along between 275 and 280. Chicken temp is 125. Probably got another hour to go...


It looks and smell awesome!


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Lookin good.

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2 hours and 45 minutes into the smoke the chicken hit 165.



Just off the grill with the PBR still in it's butt.



Off the can and rack and into the oven for a 30 minute rest.



Dinner: chicken, leftover ribs from last nite, mashed potato, poi, homemade chutney, salad and lychee for dessert...


Of course all served on our super fancy disposable luau trays!


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I love it! Nutshells a nice touch,chicken looks brilliant.
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Tasty looking bird! Nice spread of food. I'll have the lychee but gonna pass on the poi!
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Nice , looks good.


Have fun and . . .

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The colour of that chicken is terrific. I bet it tastes great too.



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Thanks guys!

Yes, it was very, very, very good! Great? I think I prefer a good smoke wood for flavor (flavour for disco biggrin.gif).

Would I do it again with the nut shells? Heck yeah!

The only thing I noticed was it took longer than normal to get thru the white smoke phase. I might have had to many nut shells on there...

Now that mango season is over I don't go down to that area as much. My Father in Law has some incredible avocadoes there as well I'm gonna have to ask if any of them are going off. He has one tree that's called a Kahaluu and it's suppose to be one of the best avocadoes in the world.
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Nicely done, looks great!

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