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Where to buy wood

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I'm in Naples Florida and down here we don't have hickory, apple, or cherry trees. Where can I order wood for my smoker. The big box stores have chips and chunks. Are chunks and charcoal enough?
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Chunks and charcoal work fine.  Avoid the chips.  The bottom of the bag of chunks though often resembles chips.  I just make piles of the little pieces in the charcoal then put another layer of charcoal over the top before I add the hot coals.  I'm still using up big box store chunks I purchased in the past while oak I cut was drying.   


There are places online you can order boxes of chunks or splits but shipping is pretty hefty. 

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Im not sure where you could get some. Im going to get some from an orchard and just chop up with what they plow down.

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Since you are in CA, lots of orchards have been put out of business with the water supply going to the Delta Smelt..... lots of dead trees to cut up.... Then you can smoke Delta Smelt...
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I buy mini splits from this site. I'm very happy with their product.
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Hey Dave, love the irony! 


It is pretty sad state of affairs out here with the drought, politics, and water policies in general.  I won't get political but things are out of balance and common sense if on vacation.  I really feel for the farmers who are now paying exorbitant prices for water to keep their orchards alive and for those who have lost everything.  There's a brief hope the El Nino can bring relief but the naysayers are predicting another drought year.  If that happens, things are going to get interesting.     

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If El Nino arrives, like some say it will, MUD SLIDES from Mexico to Canada I'm fearing.... The last big El Nino we didn't have winter.... warm weather and rain.... lots of rain..... We were catching Albacore tuna in the Straits of Juan de Fuca in August..... that was when I had a charter and lived in Bellingham....
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