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New From Maine

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Hi All


Love to cook--barbecue--smoking and grill you name it I love to make it. 


Have a question Is Jeff's recipe for rub and sauce that he sells on his website the same as in his SMOKING COOKBOOK??  I do not want to pay twice for the same recipe so is there anyone out there can help me please thanks.



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Hey LB69...........Welcome to the forum.  Where in Maine are you?  You didn't give any information in your registration.   I'm down in Bridgton.



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Hi Lamar


Sorry about that I am new to all this and I was just trying to get started...I am in Bangor.   Nice to meet you. 



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You will catch on in no time.  The search feature will answer almost any question you may have about this smoking addiction.  If not,  just ask and you will get answers from some of the experts in this group. 

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Good morning and welcome to the forum


gary S

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