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Small smoke today!

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Throwing on a couple chuckies and a few ox tail for today's smoke! Yet again having a hard time with pics. Will keep trying.
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Figure that pic thing out man!!!   What troubles are you having?  Maybe we can help. 


Wanna see those chuckies :biggrin:

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Are your pictures on your computer or phone? If they are on your hard drive you click on the link above where you type a reply that looks like a picture. it is 5 boxes over from the left and is the left most icon. Right next to an icon that looks like a piece of film. At this point you Browse Files. If you put them in your downloads area you scroll down through the pictures you have until you find the one that you want. click on it and then open file. If you have them on your phone you can use taptalk if you have an android or apple phone. Just get the app from the app store downloaded and then find this website, then sign in with your user name and password. then pick the category where you want to post. then you can find this thread and post pictures. It is even easier to actually do then explain how.

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They are on my phone. Sometimes they go and sometimes they don't I'll keep tying biggrin.gif
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I can't post pics from my phone either! To download tapatalk you need the 6.0 os or higher. I don't have enough memory to download that.

I'll try the computer way.

Edit: It's easy with the computer!
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Hey looky a pic. Sitting in the rub while smoker heats up.
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Originally Posted by Brooksy View Post

Hey looky a pic. Sitting in the rub while smoker heats up.

You using the mini on this smoke? I'm really interested in how the ox tail comes out. The last cow that I sent to my freezer my brother in law took all of the tail...

Times, temps, rub.. . I want all of the details!
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Nope not using the mini on this one. Using the beast :-) Rub is simple salt,pepper,garlic, onion, homemade Serrano dust and a little paprika. Cooked mostly hot and fast around 275 maybe a little higher at times. Just panned with some beer and additional rub. Don't normally pan anything but have been panning chuckies and figured the tails would be good the same way. Florida weather sucks so just brought them in to finish in the oven (add sad faced disappointing frown) no choice with the rain tho. Gonna go another couple hours in the oven I think.
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Here is a pic of the tails after coming out of the oven to rest. Taste pretty good if I do say so. Will do again with a jerk style marinade next time.
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Made done homemade cheese fries to go along with the meat
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A pic of the pulled chuckies! Taste great like they normally do. Have to thank this forum for showing this one to me.
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