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New, from Michigan

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Howdy folks, I've used this forum as a source of information for a couple of years now, but decided to finally sign up (don't ask why it took so long!).

I absolutely love to bbq.. I have two small smokers, Bradley and a Big Chief. I aspire to get a nice smoker one day, when I have some spare cash! I am a probation officer, but live bbq so much, and the whole process, that my dream would be to do it full time.

My smokers, though small and electric, have produced some great food, thanks to the posts on this site! I feel like it's hard to eat other bbq now (especially ribs) because they don't add up at restaurants!

I almost exclusively bbq ribs and chicken, but tomorrow I'm going my first pork butt. I also fish a lot, so I smoke trout throughout the summer.

Always looking for advice, which is why I joined the site!! Cheers in advance!!
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OK Huntmaster, it's a two-way street, receiving as well as giving advice. Tell me how you make your best ribs. I suck at ribs and need all the help I can get.

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Hey there..

Kinda standard procedure, I pull the membrane off, rub them down with a mostly brown sugar rub (w paprika, black pepper, salt, etc) and I let them sit in the fridge wrapped in saran for 24 hours..

Then I do the 3, 2, 1 method

3 hours on heavy smoke @ 223, spraying with Apple juice every so often.

2 hours wrapped in foil, and I use butter and honey or apple juice and wrap them tightly. No smoke

1 hour back on smoke, I usually lightly sauce them at this time too.

That process usually produces pretty tasty, tender and smokey ribs, for me!
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How much rub? I think that is where my problem is, not putting enough on.

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Oh.. I usually lightly coat the ribs in olive oil, trim off any excess fat and then just rub it down so it's covered.. only so much will stick, so shouldn't have excess amounts on it. Some people like a really heavy rub though, I just like it.. covered.

I rubbed this one yesterday, that's what it looks like after a lot 18 hours.. bit sure if it helps:[IMG]
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Maybe it's just my rub. I got some Blues Pig rub the other day, maybe I'll try that.

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I make my own rub.. I've found so many premade rubs that I detest. But what I like, others might hate
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Hello and welcome from East Texas, you said pork butt tomorrow, her is one I did on the 4th maybe you can get a few useful ideas.




Gary S

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