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Different spare rib ideas?

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I've been doing the generic 3-2-1 ribs for a while now, with a typical dry rub and foiling technique. I usually use peach or hickory and apple wood. I have it down to a science now I think and they come out awesome every time. Just wondering if anyone has a recipe they particularly like for spares that's a little out of the ordinary. I see a lot of "asian" style rib recipes around that I might try. Just looking for something that breaks the typical rub, foil, glaze template, a little exotic themed if you will. Thanks!

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Look up Bearcarver's bacon on a stick. Haven't tried them yet but they look incredible!
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There it is. I finally figured out how to copy and paste on this stupid phone!!
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I wish I could help ya, but I'm still working on the generic 3-2-1 method. I just can't get the ribs the way I want them.

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