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Does it have to be a packer or just a point or flat???? Thanks in advance.

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Originally Posted by little smokey View Post

Yuengling is a German beer brought to America by a german brew master(he just changed his name when he got here).  His brewery in America was the families second brewery as he left the original in Germany for his brother to run.  SO not so American after all!  SO the chinese food place down the street is just as American because the building was built here and the food is made in their kitchen all though the owner is from China and most liekly his recipes(possibly).  lol you're comparing a Chinese Resteraunt down the street to a family that has built an American Legacy since 1829 with 5,6,7 generations of Americans born on this soil and employing thousands of American citizens for almost 2 centuries??? Ah, I really have no response to that one!!!
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Originally Posted by Todg View Post

Does it have to be a packer or just a point or flat???? Thanks in advance.

Your Choice
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And so it begins.....newbie on a mission
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Originally Posted by ParanormalSmoke View Post

And so it begins.....newbie on a mission

Looks a little under done. You might want to leave it on a bit more longer.
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Raised in Tamaqua Pa. We called it Chinese beer 50 years ago, BUT it is good beer !!!!  Ernie

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Where is this going down at?
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Woo hoo!  Entry just sent in.  Thanks for the throwdown!

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Too bad for me and good for the rest of you!  I found this forum after I finished the pinnacle of briskets on Friday (8/29).  We were to eager to eat and didn't take pictures.  On top of that the choice of drink would be something that is not available outside of Wisconsin, New Glarus Spotted Cow.  A beer so good that bars outside of WI have risked their liquor licenses by serving it. 

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So where are these entries???
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Very busy month for me. No time to make one. Best of luck to all that entered. I am looking forward to seeing all of the creations.
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Boy am I glad you cleared up the " PBR " thing, I thought it meant " Professional Bull Rider "........................................smiley_snowball.gif





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Man I join a little late just missed this. It would have been fun. A brisket and a mixed drink I like to call summer beer.
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