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Chicken Skin

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ChickeN comes out of smoker tasty & juicy with flabby skin. Thought about taking it off around 160* & sticking it under the broiler to crisp the skin. Has anyone tried it? Did it work? How long under the broiler? How was the chicken after? I don't want to dry it out. Thanks for any help for a newbie!
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You can do that, although I have to wait till around 170º.



But then we move them to a hot grill instead. It really does not take long from here and they remain nice and moist. I pull around 180º cause my wife wants her chicken DONE.


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I used to smoke my chicken low and slow and them move to the grill to finish the skin. Now I run the smoker @ 325-400 and hot smoke the chicken. I get more than enough smoke flavor and crisp skin!
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