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New member from Keller Texas

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Hi y'all, Names D and I am new to the family. I have been smokin' and grilling for about 10 years but have gotten a little more refined in the last 3 years. I am 29 years old and I have looked to this forum in the past for growth and knowledge. I am currently down to one unit, a Chargriller Acorn. I love cooking all things meat but I just plain and simple love to cook on the pit just about anything! Look forward to being part of this growing group.

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Welcome D, glad to have you finally join the SMF family. My Bride saw the Acorn at Lowes last week and asked me what it was; I replied that it was going to be my next grill/smoker! She had us in and out of Lowes in record time that day that my head still spins thinking about it.

Enjoy the Smoke!
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It has been a great tool for the job. I imagine I will get a Komodo Joe one of these days but for now, it does a wonderful job and has held up for a few years so far with no issues!

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Hello and welcome to the forum


Gary S

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What up "D",


Being from Texas, I assume you focus mainly on beef. If not, no matter, I just wanted to welcome you and tell you I went to this little mom & pop BBQ joint yesterday in Metter, GA and had their brisket. All I can say is WOW. I gotta learn to do that. I'm drooling on my shirt just telling you about it. If you ain't done it yet, try it. When done right it is great. I just checked, they have a website

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