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Cheap Offset Smoker

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     Hi everyone first time poster but hopefully you can lend me your collective knowledge on some modifications I'm currently planing.

So I decided to pick up a Binkmen Smoke n Pit, I knew they had some issues which I'm currently working on the modifications to correct. I ordered a BGE Gasket kit that I'm hoping will seal up the air leaks around the barrel and burner. I am also going to lower the chimney to the grill level to help with the smoke control.

     I am currently planing on building a baffle system that will hopefully help distribute heat evenly over the entire cooking surface. I was thinking about doing the the first 12 inches in a sheet metal then the rest in a cedar planking in hopes that it will offer some additional flavors. Do you think this would be a feasible system? Do you think the wood would be far enough away from the coals to not burn up?

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I am sorry not to be able to help you out on that but welcome to the forum anyway. I am sure somebody will be along shortly to help you out. You might want to head over to roll call and introduce yourself. happy smokin timber

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