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Smoking from Holyoke , MA

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Great to read all this collective knowledge on smoking , just bought Jeff Phillips book and it's filled with an extensive amount of knowledge on types of smokers and woods used in the process . Trying to perfect some Baby Backs tomorrow - can't seem to get a good bark on them - using a Masterbuilt duel fuel propane/charcoal smoker .
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Welcome to SMF!  Sounds like you're loaded for success.  Keep chasing perfection.  Its fun!

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Thanks , I will never think of " barbecue " the same way again . It takes a lot of patience to master this art of cooking , very rewarding !
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Hello and welcome from East Texas  maybe you are you wrapping to soon ?


Gary S

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Hey Gary S , I think u are right , I used Myron Mixons method and after the first 2 hours , the baby backs were covered in an aluminum pan filled with apple juice for 1 hour and a half . Going to try Jeff Phillips style of cooking directly on the grates today .
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