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Traeger PTG -Smoke in pellet box

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I've searched the internet without much success to figure out my problem.  I've used my PTG 7 times now and on two occasions I found a considerable amount of smoke coming from my pellet box.  No fire, but with the amount of smoke, maybe I caught it in time.  Times that this has happened, it wasn't breezy and once I turned the heat down, it was back to normal.  The items I was smoking weren't greasy.  The only thing I could figure was the pellets were burning its way up the auger.  Not sure how to correct this other than increase the temp thereby moving the pellets through the auger.  I have the digital controller installed.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I had this happen to me one time, and it may have had something to do with not following the start up instructions.  With the Door closed, I turned the Temperature/Dial to SMOKE.  In approximately two minutes, whitish-gray smoke appeared out of the Flue Pipe Assembly.  You know, good smoke is a terrible thing to waste, so I threw my food on the grill for a low, slow smoke.


Sometime later, my digital thermometer signaled that I was loosing temp.   When I went to investigate, the flame had gone out and the Burner Box Assembly was almost overflowing with pellets.  Realizing that I had failed to start up wit the Door opened, I turned the Temperature/Dial to OFF momentarily, then turned it back to SMOKE.  Bad idea.  In approximately two minutes, I had a raging inferno in the Burner Box Assembly.  Shortly thereafter, smoke began pouring from the pellet hopper.


Time to use my head.  I turned the Temperature/Dial to OFF, scooped the pellets from the pellet hopper into a metal can, and let the inferno in the Burner Box Assembly have its way.   30 minutes later, there was no smoke and the Traeger was cool.  I reloaded the pellet hopper and followed the Start-Up instructions - no problem.  Having followed the Start-up instructions since this incident, no problems to report.


Aside from my improper start up, I have seen similar problems from other users.  I wonder if the problems are with the Trager or, speaking from personal experience, self imposed.  For example, I live in the Pacific Northwest, and some of my best friends are molds, spores, and lichens.  I would speculate that if pellets were allowed to rest in the pellet box, they would absorb ambient moisture.  The mushy pellets might create problems in the Auger Assembly and Burner Box Assembly.


Here is my advise:


- Follow the Start-Up instructions.

- Use Traeger pellets or risk voiding your warranty.*

- Store Traeger pellets in a dry container (, that is sealed (*

- Remove unused pellets from pellet hopper ( *

- Protect the Traeger (e.g, your investment) from the elements the very best you can at all times.

- Call Traeger Customer Support (800.872.3437  05:00 - 19:00hrs PT).*


Best of luck, and please post your findings!




- Matt


* I do not work for or sell Traeger products.  I do not work for Home Depot or sell their products.  I'm just trying to give the best advise that I can.  Smoke on!

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Many units have a fan in the hopper box to provide positive pressure and prevent the pressurized air from the grill body from traveling back up the auger tube and eventually causing a pellet box fire. If that fan is not working or if the lid on the hopper box is not closed tightly smoke, and eventually fire, will be forced back through the auger tube. Always make sure that hopper lid is closed and tight.
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I have a PTG.. On its second stock controller. Mine actually caught fire in the hopper. On smoke my auger would sometimes stick on and run the temp up over 400. I didnt figure out what was up untill after it ruined my cook and had flames coming out of the hopper when i opened it up.. nothing to do with startup. I think the controllers cant handle the heat and go bad especially on long cooks. Dont leave it unattended or have it where it cant cause a fire.
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First time using my treager elite was tonight. When i had taken meat off the grill i turned dial to shut down mode and walked away. Next thing i know pellet box was smoking like crazy. What did i do wrong?
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