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Smoker question

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Hey Guys,

I have a small Weber bullet smoker with two 16inch diameter racks. I was hoping to smoke 2 racks SLC ribs and a  6-7lbs beef brisket at the same time for my large family. As you can imagine not all of the meat will fit on the top rack. My concern is the smoker is arranged to have a large water bowl above the fire which sits right below the low rack. Will the meat I place(probably the brisket because it will take longer to cook) on the low rack absorb enough smoke flavor to be worth while? I thought about trying to cook all of the meat without the water bowl but I am assuming it will come out dry, since I cannot remove the lib and spray due to heat loss. Any suggestions here?



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If you load the smoker up you'll still get plenty of smoke flavor. All the water bowl is for is to help deflect the direct heat so you are indirect cooking. I wouldn't worry about drying out the meat.
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