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New member from Texas

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Hello Everyone...


Just wanted to introduce myself, I have been a lurker on here for many years and finally had something to talk about.:icon_smile:

I am from south central Texas and have been BBQ'ing and Smoking all my life...

Let see, it said talk about the smokers...

Well, I had a custom made pit made for me about 15 years ago (1/4" plate and its 4' X 3', and breaks your back to lift the lid) and still use it to this day, showing wear now, like myself..So new one is coming soon. I have the plans at the welder now for a quote...

My next one will be a vertical vault smoker that is 4' wide and 6' tall all out of 1/4" plate.

I also have a 6'X10' smokehouse that I cold smoke in the winter with. (mostly Jerky) Just cant get the weather to act right in Texas and stay cold enough for much else.

Reason for joining is, I will have some questions mainly about the gas and electric smokers available and would love to know how everyone likes them that use them. I am wanting to get back with the jerky and sausage making and dont want to have to only do it when its cold. I just ordered a LEM 1010 dehydrator and am now wanting to get a little Gas/Elect smoker to get some smoke on the meat before dehydrating or making some good smoked sausage...

It is really sad what  the retail sausage products have turned into. Guess the cost goes up, quality goes down. So, we will just make it ourselves and do it like it should be done. Would love some opinions on this as well. I love new recipes and new ideas...


Sorry for getting winded here. But did want to introduce myself and why I am here.



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Hello and welcome from your neighbor in East Texas, looking forward to seeing you around the site


Gary S

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