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From Ohio

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Hello everyone,

                         I have been trolling this site for years now. Not quite a newbie to the world of smoking but definately have a lot to learn. I am from northeastern ohio. Military man, almost 13 years now. Looking to cut me teeth in some competitions, with the idea that why not have another hobby and have fun. I have an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker i picked up a few years ago. Produced some very good eats off of it, but as always i am still tinkering with it. Always looking to expand my toys with the aspiration of someday owning my own little food cart, or foodtruck or ultimate goal would be a bar/ awesome food joint! So i thank everyone on here that i have already learned from and i thank you all in advance for the information i will obtain in the future.


                                                                                                                            SFC Joshua Lenhart

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Welcome from Columbus! Ask your questions and you'll get answers.

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Hello Joshua, and welcome to the forum. And a big thank you for your service


Gary S

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