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New to Smokin

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Hi All,


I am new to smoking, I received a brinkman offset smoker last fathers day (1 year ago) have smoked a few times with good results. I found this site and hope to get better results. I am a retired police officer and have a second career as a teacher. I enjoy smoking meat and brewing my own beer. The good life!



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Welcome Lawman, a police officer and now a about giving back to your community, gotta respect that!


Smokin' meat and brewin' beer...sounds like a perfect combo to me!


Look forward to reading your posts around the forum, cheers!

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Hey Lawman,


Welcome to the forum. You came to the right place to learn the smoking craft. When I joined, I started following the advice of other members and instantly became a better cook. I guess it was because I really didn't know anything about smoking so I didn't have any bad habits.


You will find out from the members that there are lots of ways to get the results you want from your smoker. It will be up to you to decide what would work best for you within the limitations of your smoker, and what you like. For example; in the area where I grew up, BBQ'ed pork gets a vinegar based sauce. Sweet pork just tastes weird because of what I'm used to, so I stay away from the sweet rubs and sauce recipes.....for now. I do like to experiment, so who knows, I may evolve to sweeter rubs and sauces. We'll see.


There are also several modifications that you can make to your smoker that will make it work better and more efficiently. Just type in "Brinkman offset smoker mods" in the search box and see what pops up.


Don't forget, this isn't just a learning forum, it's also a teaching forum. If you have any knowledge or skill that can help other members, please share it. But, that doesn't mean (since you're a teacher now), that you should correct our grammar and punctuation. I'm talking about smoking knowledge/skill.:grilling_smilie: 

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Welcome to the board, lawman! One more thing, people here will tease you if you don't post pics!


I'm running a similar rig, under the Masterbuilt brand:

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Hello and welcome from East Texas


Gary S

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