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1st Smoked Whole Chicken.

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So I am new to smoking and this was third thing I have ever smoked. I wanted to try it with out brine or injecting.

I used this as a basis to go off of.... and it worked out perfectly. I let rub sit on the chicken in fridge for about 6 hours. The chicken only cooked for about 1:45 but still had good smoke flavor. I used Hickory with a little bit of apple wood mixed in. I will try brine and then injection over the next two times I do whole chickens. I really like how this turned out.


getting ready for the fridge.

Almost done

Juicy as hell (looks pink but the lighting sucked) It is done.

Alot of meat for a 3 pound bird.

Thanks for looking.

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Grats! That bird look great.

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Nice looking spatched bird!!!!
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Looks great! I'm a newbie too and chicken is the next thing on the docket. Thanks for the Q-view.
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Thanks everyone. i don't think I'll eat chicken any other way from now besides fried.

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