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newie to electric smoking

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New to electric type smoking. Am from N Louisiana. Like and have to do cooking at the house. Had smoker about 2 weeks and have done burgers and ribs and cornish hens.

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Howdee Sam, welcome to the boards.Electric smoking is a bunch of fun. What kind of smoker did you get?

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A masterbuilt through Amazon.

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Well thats great, I have a Masterbuilt 30" (MES30), I have a Masterbuilt 40" (MES40), although I don't have a Masterbuilt Analog unit, I have used analogs for a lot of years.


Is your controller located on the front our on the back of your smoker? If its in front chances are you have a generation 2, if its on the back its probably a generation 1.


LOL.... you didn't know there were so many types of smoker did ya.... Don't worry. There are some totally awesome recipes and instructional Q-Views here to help.

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Welcome to the forum from East Texas


Gary S

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Thanks. I want to try your chilli recipe. I can eat chilli year round.

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