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How to smoke

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I am new to wood burning smokers can some one explain say I was to use apple wood do I just lite a fire with Apple wood and add it as needed or do I use some other wood for the heat and wet apple wood for the smoke
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Welcome to SMF in order to help you, more info would be needed. What type smoker do you have, what meat you plan on smoking?

Most likely someone with the same system will be along to answer.


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I'm gonna guess here and think maybe you got a side fire box. Some will smoke with wood only...some will cook with brickettes  and add the wood to smolder and add the flavor. True traditionalists will burn the wood down to coals and add that to the firebox. Wet wood is not advised....creates steam, not good for meat. You want good, dry seasoned wood....cherry, apple, pear, peach etc are milder in flavor than the hickory, oak, mesquite etc. HTH, Willie. And yes, flush out your profile with your helps when you ask for advice

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Yes I got side fire box and a mes but I was talking about the side fire box thanks for the info
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