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Has anyone used this to check the heat coming off their grill? My Weber One-Touch Silver didn't come with a heat therm and I'd like to start tracking the how hot the coals are burning. We've just begun using a pizza stone and while the top of the pizza looks great the crust is charred black so I figure I'm using too much charcoal. If I could visually see how much heat is produced from a certain amount of charcoal briquettes, I can then adjust to get the exact temp I want for whatever I'm grilling.


Are there a similar type of laser therm anyone would recommend? I don't think I can use a therm with probes because the high grill temps would burn out the probes in a few minutes.


Absolutely no responses. Maybe I posted this in an area no one looks at. No matter; I found the new, improved LT-03 on Amazon and bought it. Should be delivered in about a week or so.

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