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New to smoking...Two Boston Butts

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My third time smoking. Two boston butts in smoker at 3:30 a.m. Smoking at 250, IT temp is now 174. Going to wrap one, want to see the difference


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Looking mighty yummy. Keep us posted.


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Sweet...good way to tell the difference. That was my second smoker after my old ECB.....nice TBS coming outta the stack. Looking forward to reviews and the money shots...don't let us down.......Willie

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Love that you are trying them both ways to compare!


Patiently waiting for the results.... :popcorn

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I'm waiting for your report on the comparison.



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I'm interested too! My first smoke was an 8 pound shoulder, and I wrapped after 5 hours. Another 6 hours later and it was awesome. 


I'm doing another shoulder this Friday for the guys at work, and might go the unwrapped route if it works out well. Hate to have to wake up at 3am on a work night!



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Sorry for the delay, been busy.  Both butts turned ou great, my opinion and 6 others. The bark on the butt wrapped when it reach an IT of 160 was just alittle softer than the one not wrapped. Sorry for not having more photos, I will need to get better at that. 


This is how I went about this, Placed rub on butts, wrapped and placed in fridge for 12 hours. Pre-heat smoker to 250 (apple wood chunks), placed butts in smoker, fat side down. After four house I placed probs in butts, at this time butts IT was 147/142. When one reach IT of 160 I double wrapped and continue to let smker do it's job. I removed them when they reach IT of 195, wrapped in foil and towel and placed in cooler for two hours. Oh yea, I smoked them at 250.


The bone fell right out, the meat was so tender. The taste was the same on both, I had five votes for the one not wrapped during smoking and two for the one wrapped.  The bark made the difference, both tasted the same, GOOD. 


Thanks to this site the meat was a hit.


I started at 3 a.m. because we plannned to eat at 4:30 P.M.


Turkey breast is plan for Wednesday.

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