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We will have to see who's all coming and smoking what to figure out how many smokers we will need. Gonna have to play that by ear.

As far as what wood to smoke with I use a maple/cherry mixture a lot so I'd prefer to stay away from that. Any suggestions Stan?
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Slight problem here.

The second Saturday in October is almost always opening day for waterfowl. I thought it was the first Saturday but that's up north. I plan on having the wonder dog back from duck camp, and out on the pond that morning. That makes it impossible for me to have this gathering on the 11th.

With that said does the 18th work for everyone? I'm really sorry I really thought it would be the first Saturday. I got stuff confused. I don't want to cancel this, I'm looking forward to seeing you all, and meeting the new members. Please let me know if the 18th is good or bad for you.

Again I'm sorry I'm really hoping this all works out.
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I doubt we'll be able to attend any more get-to-gathers the rest of the year.  Our plate is full (pun intended <grin>)  If by some chance we can, than I will let you know.  I sure enjoyed the last one.  Learned a couple things in the process of visiting too.  Thanks all.

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The 18th works for us hillbilly...see ya soon
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Don't sweat it hillbilly..I know how that stuff goes. The 18th should be fine for me.
If we're tight on smokers, I can bring mine. My big one can do all the cheese if we want. I've got tons of different kinds of pellets to choose from too.
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Cool! Sounds good tower, and humdinger. Hopefully this works for cam and Stan as well and were all good!
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The 18th should work for me too.  So are we having smoked duck?  Mulberry is good on cheese.  I will go for anything but cherry on the cheese because I still have so much. 

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To bad on the cherry stan...just had this dumped at my place this morning and I'm sorting through it now!
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Nice pile of wood.  I think cherry is one of the best woods for flavor and color on smoked food.  Be sure to season it good and dry and remove all the moss and any green stuff on the bark.

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I am planning on demossing, but it I'm running lump coal for heat Is it ok to run fresh cut for smoke? Isn't it the same concept as saoking wood chips?
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Nope not the same at all.  You don't want to use unseasoned in the smoker.  It will be nasty.  That wood will work great next year.  The smaller you cut it the faster it will dry but dry is what you want.

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And that's why I come to you experts on your knowledge of wood ! No pun intended! :)
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Nice haul of cherry wood there tower! If you can spare a few pieces being me a few!

Can't make it fpmich? Well if you change your mind you and your wife are certainly welcome at the ranch!

Stan I sure hope we have some duck! I'll guarantee Hooper The Wonder Dog will retrieve them, I just have to shoot them first! Lol! With a little luck we should have some to smoke.
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Hillybilly I have plenty to spare! Do you want chunks or logs or smaller branch size pellets?
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I'd use them in my chargriller offset so if you have some to spare a few smaller branches would be great. Thanks!
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Not a problem
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I have never had smoked duck before...sounds good.   I can bring a few apple logs you guys can cut-- chop up if you want.  I know a lady in lansing that has a apple tree she needs removed.

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Stan, how sood does the apple tree need to be removed and how big is it ? I will be more than happy to come take the tree off her hands
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The apple tree will be  taken by Tower in the next couple of weeks so he should have apple at the smoke too.

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The 18th is fine. Later in the month might be cooler for smoking cheese anyway.

I have some raccoons out front that are soon to get evicted. Anybody want them for smoking?? :)

I am doing pecan for a cheese smoke I think.
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