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Maverick probes

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I have the maverick digital thermometer and twice the damn wires have come out!!! Last cook my meat probe was way off when compared to quick read meat thermometer. Any ideas? Or is this maverick digital therm just a piece of crap?
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When you say "the damn wires have come out," are you saying they are coming out of the end connected to the probe or out of the transmitter?


If they are coming out of the probe, takes pics of the faulty probe, e-mail them to Maverick, and they will most likely replace them.  If they are disconnecting from the transmitter, shove those babies in there hard so they'll seat properly.   

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Depending on the model of your therm it has max temps that you can use it at..  Anything over about 350* and mine will blank out and stop giving readings.  If you allowed your cooker to get a temp spike, you could have gone over the max temp and melted the probe wires.  These thermometers are good for what they're made for but will not take high temps.


This is probably my next one, Maverick ET-733 Long Range Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer Set


This one is rated for 716°F.


When my first one stopped working, I called them and they were very good about sending me another probe for free.  I would call them.  Look

closely at your directions and check for max temps.


And a good thermometer without a wireless option is from Thermoworks who also makes the Thermopen.  It has high temp probe options.

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If it might be your proble you might check out the sponsor page for Amazin, they have a sale going. I just added a probe to my order, just to be safe.

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