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smoked shrimp

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I had 12 left over from making ABTs, so I stuck them in the smoker with a little olive oil and some rub. 20 minutes later I pulled them. The temp. was going up to 225* after the door was open to put the ABTs and some fatties in so it was about 180* but climbing to 220*. They were just how I like them Thumbs Up



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Great looking shrimp, Tom. Nice Job on those ABT's too!  

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BA_LoKo thanks for the post that said how to do these!Thumbs Up 


Thanks Bobank03 here is a link to the ABTs

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Where did you find those skewers?  They're neat!

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Beautiful! Cheers! - Leah

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I got the skewers at Home Depot

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That's a Fine Looking Mess-O-Treats!!!Thumbs Up


Mighty Tasty Stuff!!:drool:drool




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Looks awesome Tom, well done!

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