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Attempting an Eye of Round

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In the mood for some beef - and something to smoke - came across Eye of Round at $2.99/lb. What the heck, don't know much about it but it has a decent amount of fat. When I came home and checked the forum.....well lets just say it almost went in the freezer for another type of cook.


But not one to shrink from a challenging smoke - 24 hrs in SPOG rub with a bit of wooshy sauce on saran wrap. Rested about 30 mins and in the smoker at 1pm with a full water pan. Running a hardwood smoke, starting about 300 then going to back off to 225 or so. About 5 lbs and cut it in half, going to try and get to 145-150 in 4 hrs.


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Looks great, I'am in ! beercheer.gif
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I'm curious (and excited) to see the end result and hear the outcome (tender, juicy etc. )

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Everyday smoke is a new adventure....and old man Murphy has been on my back since early this AM.......


We're hovering somewhere around 896% humidity with off/on showers and now a severe thunderstorm to say I'm having difficulties getting my second round of coals set up would be an understatement. As you will see in the pics even the paper won't stay lit; after emptying the chimney and restarting three times I gave into old Mr Murphy and am going to spend the day in the AC. Off to the crock pot they go - with a great smokey smell and hopes of hitting 140 within 4 hrs.





Sorry but we will have to try this experiment again someday.



The Hail Mary pass - throwing in some cherry chunks hoping to hold some type of heat while working on more coals. Made a nice blue smoke and a great smell.


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Lookin good eye of the round is very good for smoked roast beef, slice it thin for sammys - way better than what you get at the deli


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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At 4 hrs, 20 mins both pieces are mid 150's, hoping they don't dry out. Decided on a foil wrap for an hour or so.


One thing I noticed after an hour and now - come creamy looking good was forming and a little more now. Probably just fat breaking down? Never seen this before, making me question how bad I want a roast beef sammie.




Otherwise some nice juices in the pot now.



And here's a shot of the weather turning bad.....maybe ol Murphy was watching out for me. Proceeded to get much worse but so far safe and sound.


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So here is the finished product....


Came out moist, tender, and I won't say bland but you will appreciate your rub. Perhaps if I were able to finish in the smoker as planned....


Still not sure what the white stuff was all about but I tasted a few slices anyway; is scheduled for dinner tomorrow unless I find out something I don't like, lol. 


Would I attempt it again? Sure,this piece of meat definitely has potential as long as the price is right and probably as a side show when doing a brisket or shoulder. Came out with some great juices for soup and the meat can be frozen for later, probably a nice addition to chili.




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Looks great nice job

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Good job. I use eye of round for dried beef.
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Looks good and I would imagine a little seasoning on the sliced meat would remedy the near bland issue bravo.png

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Fun thread bud, love that you just picked it up on special and tried smoking it to learn for yourself! Looks good.

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Thanks everyone, I've always liked to try cooking different things and usually just by throwing it together. Some say I have a knack for that. Who knows. I would try it again and likely with a similar approach, its a tough cut of meat and even the local butcher hadn't tried one - lol he didn't say I was crazy but....


Being tough and usually low fat I think the hardwood smoke (but not too hot) and the spog is a good base to start with then season, jus, gravy, etc to adjust flavors after cooking. 


Now lets hope for better weather because fire management would have been a full time job yesterday - starting out mostly cloudy, about 80 and humid with no breeze. Then the humidity cranked up with peaks of hot sunshine, and the breeze was constantly changing due to the coming storms. Lol, then came the weather warning phone calls - temps were dropping, winds were crazy (always changing speed/direction), downpours, not to mention playing with a lightning rod, er I mean metal smoker and pans. When all was said and done the temp was a cold, damp 65 or so and I'm glad I went inside lol

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I find that you need to slice eye round real  thin and it make a nice sandwich cold with some caramelize onions.

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