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New smoker

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Hey guys I'm new here and I bought my first smoker yesterday and I'm about to use it. My question is. Its an electric smoker and I'm worried about the drippings Landing on the heating elements??? Is that normal???
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You should protect the elements from drips and grease landing on them.  Putting a foil pan in between (like on a lower shelf) to catch everything is a good idea!

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I have a slab on the top and one on the bottom rack. Should I try and move them both to the top. They have been in there for about 45 mins already
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And it has a drip cup at the bottom of the smoker. So I assumed it was ok for it to drip
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What is the make of your smoker, I am sure someone with that type can give info, on mods needed.


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It a cookmaster. By masterbuilt. Model #20071612. And 1800 watt element. Its a 30"
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