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Spares and Loin Backs

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Its been a while but I get to stay home this weekend and here is where my favorite smoker in world resides.  Wed, I pulled 3 spare rib packages from the freezer left over from making bacon. Thurs. morning I was thinking "not much on those spares" so I pulled a 3 pack of loin back ribs as well. Well I wrapped 2 spares in each package so today when I opened them I had 6 racks of spares. I thought only 3. So here is my smoker this afternoon.



I just foiled everything with a foiling sauce of butter, apple sauce, molasses, honey, chilli powder and garlic powder.



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Lookin great man.... beercheer.gif look at the bright side, you'll have leftovers for a couple days & them are gonna be some tasty leftovers !
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Betty Crocker , Griswold 'n me.


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Blueberry muffin wasn't quite done enough in the first picture. Below if the finished food except the potatoes.  We ended up with 5 for dinner so we did put a dent in the ribs.





Thanks for looking!

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Everything looks great!



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Ribs look great but that muffin is a showstopper! :drool:

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