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Polish meat

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My parents are Polish and I remember them calling a sausage that is pronounced like Vushta, I do not know the Polish or English spelling , but that is what it sounded like. Does anyone have any info on this meat ? I would like to find out more about it and maybe make some !

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They have a lot of different names for their  Kielbasa, was it smoked?


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Sorry I can't remember, I was just a little kid at the time. I don't think it was, we ate mostly fresh sausage.

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Do a search for fresh

Richie that may help

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You are looking for a term that in Polish is spelled wuszt (pronounced voosht).  That term is the same as the word kiełbasa, (sausage) and is used by people from Silesia, so it's a good bet that is the region from which your parents came from.  It's obvious where the name came from, since the Silesians have lived with or close to the Germans for centuries.  Do some searches for Kiełbasa Sląska (Silesian Sausage).  The Marianski/Gebarowski book Polish Sausages has a recipe on p. 136.


Hope this helps.

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Szynka, I think you are right. My ancestors did come from Boronow/Katowice/Lubliniec in the province of Silesia. Thanks very much for the info.

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