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need help no smoke

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I have a 30" masterbuilt electric smoker, smoked awesome ever time I used it. go to use it to smoke something and no smoke just chars the wood. Don't think its the heating element because it gets up to temp and seems like no issues. So I cut away the metal piece under the fire box to see if that helps, help a little saw some smoke then nothing. let it run for half hour with no smoke. the vent was open to keep it heating. what do u guys think?  I was going to put the 1200 watt element in there and try sawdust.

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I think before I ever started cutting and tearing apart I might consider calling Masterbuilt's 800 number. I bet they would know exatctly what it is and what you can do to fix it. Even if its not under warrantee couldn't it save time and grief to ask first?


That would be my first suggestion.

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it was no big deal to take out that piece of metal can easily put back in. just read a lot of guys did that and it helped.

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Have to agree with Foamheart on this. I too have read where some folks have been operating on their MES to get the results they want, or had at one time or another.  Call MES and ask them. Also, did you change wood? You may have had a chunk that while charing will produce smoke but not in the quantity you are used to, maybe just the faintest wisps nearly undetectable.

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No used the same wood and always smoked so u cant see in the glass and came out the vent. But not this last time, the woodchips where in the firebox for three hours and looked the same just black. I call them and see what they say. Just looking for ideas from others
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First couple times with (analog) MES we followed directions and got next to no smoke. We are used to offset smokers.

Did some research, and this works for us with our 30" analog MES:

We don't soak the chips. Fill chip pan completely (pack it in). Put in smoker. Add hot water to water pan. Close door. Turn smoker on high. When tbs appears (for us that's usually around 325-350 degrees f, 15-20 minutes) open, insert meat, close back up, turn control down to below medium. Temp should drop to about 225. Check on it now and then to be sure it's still at 225...adjust control as necessary. About 3-4 hours later, dump chip tray because no more smoke. Refill chip tray, add hot water to water pan if needed. Crank control back up until smoke reappears, crank down and repeat.

After using the MES several times a week for a few months, the thermostat broke and stayed on instead of cycling. (Yikes -- we were in the middle of hot smoking cured pork bellies). I called Masterbuilt to order a new one, they asked when I bought it, and ended up sending it free of charge.

Fortunately, I realized what was happening before the bacon was over 175 so it is still good, just not as good as usual.
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I dont soak the chips and always put hot water in the bowl. Sent an email into masterbuilt also going to call
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Please keep us posted.

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Ok just got off the phone with masterbuilt. Told me to clean the wood chip tray because possible to much residue. Also said put a thermometer on the second shelf and compare that reading to the display. Said the element could be going bad and call back after i do this.
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Put to thermometers on the second shelf and set the smoker to 165 and shut off but the thermometers are sayin about 180 with the display on the smoker sayin 168.
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Why does the meat probe take a long time to catch up to temp. The display says 170 for 10 min and the probe says 155?
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If theres anything you can count on with mes its that the twmp controller may have issues. Temp and meat probe being screwed up to the same degree is rare. biggrin.gif
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So cleaned the wood box and still no smoke
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So just talked to them they cant figure out whats wrong. So bought the retro kit for it to see if that helps
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Originally Posted by assault15 View Post

So just talked to them they cant figure out whats wrong. So bought the retro kit for it to see if that helps


What is a retro kit and what involved?

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Not sure something about a new fire box and housing. I'll find out in a couple days
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Coolios, hope its all you need.

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Thanks me to
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The retro kit is just a bigger fire box
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