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Whatchyagot cookin?

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What's everyone smokin today? I ditched the the pig for some chicken this weekend.
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I ain't smokin today. I got a wedding and reception to go to this evening. Tomorrow however, I'm doing 2 racks of spareribs on my SFB. Going to do an all-wood cook using the 3-2-1 method. I got my plan here

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Got the Oky Joe about tapped out today. Smoke once, make many meals.
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Got some chicken drumsticks going with apple wood image.jpg 1814k .jpg file
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Deboned pork butt on my UDS.  (See Pork Topic for details)  It's getting close to being done.

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Done some burgers last nite, doing some salmon today !
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Did ABT's with baby sweet peppers for an appetiser and just throwing in a pork tenderloin for the main event tonight. I used red pepper jelly to stick the rub for an experiment. Tomorrow I'm smoking a beef chuck for some pulled beef.
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