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New Smoker

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Hi, my name is Larry and I am live near Dubuque, IA. I have experimented with trying to smoke several things in the past. I have used a gas grill(ok results), charcoal grill/smoker(terrible results). My main problem is I live in a VERY windy location and and I couldn't maintain a constant temp when smoking, except when I did it inside the garage, not a good idea. I have just bought an electric smoker and hopefully this will help the problem with having a flammable heat source. We will see today when my new smoker is delivered!

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welcome to SMF from Massachusetts!



I like the glass! Mine broke recently so I have to order another one! A different Light in mine, but I like both! What have you tried for grilling/ smoking (equipment wise) and what did you buy?

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Hello Larry, welcome to the forum, hopefully this will help solve your problem, let us know how it turns out


Gary S

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