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Wsm lower grate

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A tip for great flavor for your brisket or pork shoulder. I put a drip pan on the lower grate on my wsm 22.5 and catch all of the drippings and when done with the cook pull the shoulder or slice the brisket and then pour the drippings over the brisket or mix the drippings into the pulled pork. There is an immense amount of flavor in the drippings that usually just gets lost into the water pan. For something really tasty, rub your pork shoulder with molasses then put sprinkle your favorite rub on it. It makes the drippings even tastier. Happy smokin!
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Good tip bud, in my house the drippings are sacred and must always be saved!

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Absolutely :icon_exclaim:

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Mmmmm drippings.  You are correct there is a TON of flavor in those.  I de-fat mine before using so I don't make anything greasy.



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