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First Smoke Turkey

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Moved up to my next stage of meat and did a 12.5 pound turkey. Used my new AMNPS and Maverick ET-733 Temperature. I am trying to use up old seasonings etc that I have around house before Trying Jeff's rub or some of the others here. I thawed Turkey in the fridge for 3 days before moving it to a Brine. Left it in brine 24 hours then started smoking early this morning. Once done (about 7.5 hours) I moved to my new Big Easy  that I bought new for $25.00 to crisp up skin. Turned out very Juicy, but a little sweet to my taste (I favor savory lately).


Qview below:


Coming out of MES 40"


Starting in Big Easy Fryer! (keeping close eye on temperature!)



After about ten minutes in Fryer.



Time to EAT!

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Dang, looks great! 


Where'd the sweet come into the equation, in the brine?  How much sugar or sweetening agent (honey, molasses, etc) did you use?

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Every thing looks great! Looks like we have a rising star on the forums.



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