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About 210 Gallon Smoker

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This project is not completely done so this will not be the only time I post pictures. Feel free to give advise of what I should do and what on. I may not be able to change/ add depending what it is. 


Someone gave me a 275 gallon tank.


So i bought a cheap trailer to use that has a torsion axle.

I stripped it down to the metal


I cut the trailer shorter.

I bought some larger tires and rims.





I added some angle iron on the back.




Made some fenders out of 16 gauge.


Added a jack with a wheel so it is easier to move around the shop.



My Millermatic 200 with  .035" WIRE










I added more angle iron to make the frame a little stronger.


I started cutting my tank.


I cut out the drains and such and patched them up.





I fitted where the grill will sit and made it bolt on so it can be removed and only the trailer can be sandblasted.

I cut a hole that leads will connect the firebox to the CC.


I made a piece that goes in between. I used that to trace the hole on my firebox.


I added some angle iron to put the RF plate on.



I bought 2 thermometers and a spring handle.




I set the plate on the angle iron.


I took my trailer to get sandblasted.


I screwed the plate on to the angle iron to keep it still.








I extended the plate slightly longer.



I made some racks to set charcoal on for the grilling part.



I used channel iron to make a track for the cooking grate to slide on.

I found a large chain link to use as a handle.





I welded the piece that connects to the FB to the tank.

Another shot of under the RF plate.




I welded a plate to the tank.

I welded two grates together to use on the bottom of the trailer.

Picture of the grates on the bottom.

Patched a random hole.



Tacked together 4 sides of the firebox.




I plasma cut 3 holes, 1 on accident. Patched the accidental.




Welded some pieces of angle iron for the grate to slide on. Also clamped some pieces of angle on the outside of the box because it warped from patching up the hole.



Wood grate made out of 1/2" round stock,





The warpage



Made some covers that slide over the intake holes. Also made small handles and a stopper on it.

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Finished up the firebox.

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Looks like a fun build!  Cant wait to see it finished

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Got the trailer painted black.

Finished where the racks sit, cut hole for chimney and welded the top back on tank.

Started the doors also.

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Finished it up.

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Nice Job   looks good 


Gary S

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