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Steelhead trout, need help please...

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Hi, the guys went fishing and brought home 4 trouts. They want me to smoke them for supper tonight but I've never smoked fish before. I have no idea what the steps are and have trouble finding all the information.... there is so much information here, not sure where to look.......How long to smoke, rub.....? Would some one have a link for me? They are already in filets. Thanks!
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You could do cmaya's salmon recipe on them. I've used it and it's really good! You woun't get it done in 1 day however it is worth the wait!

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Hi Jue03!


I'd mop your fillets through grapeseed oil (fabulous for high heat cooking) and smoke for just 20-25 minutes on high heat, and then add sea salt, cayenne pepper and olive oil at the table, just before serving.


Simple, healthful, interesting, and amazing!!!!!!!!! Have fun!!!!!!! Lucky you having such fresh fish!


Cheers!!!!!!!! - Leah

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Hey , thanks all, my fish turned out great! I tried the link from atomicsmoke but will be trying out all the other recipes!
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