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Hi all..

I'm new.. but the people here are so friendly.  I live where there seems to be no commercial BBQ.. yeah, I know it's hard to believe.  I'm from the midwest, my name is Dave..and I'm a smokalholic.  I don't have a stance on stick, propane or electric smokers..  I seem to be happy with the idea of wood smoke and food.

I have a lot to learn, just about everything in fact.

My question:  does anyone have ideas (opinions) about using sorghum molasses for a smoker rub?





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The only worry would be it burning on a long smoke, but no more than say sugar, brown sugar, honey etc.   Try it out on a shorter smoke (say ribs or chicken) and see how it reacts. 


Good luck



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Thanks for your help!  I'm an old guy with a new way to cook.  NO bbq where I live now..  so I'm learning how to make my own.  Your advice is much appreciated.



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