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What wood is best for smoking pizza?

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I plan on smoking a couple pizzas for the first time next month and was wondering what woods that are best for smoking a pizza?
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Have you ever tried to smoke a pizza before?

Reason I ask is because I've never heard of smoked pizza. Typically pizza is wood-fired in an oven at really high temps where it cooks in under five minutes. And bread seems to really take on a lot of smoke, in a not so good way. Only time I ever smoked anything bread related was an experiment with my wife's sausage/biscuit/cheese balls. And our guests hated them because they tasted like "ashes". No creosote, just a lot of smoke flavor.

Not saying you can't do it cause there's always several ways to slice pie. Just curious if you've done it.
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I use lump in my uds all the time for pizza. Cook HOT and there is no smoke.

What will you be cooking them in?
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Hickorybutt, the reason why I ask is because I have seen people post pictures about their pizzas and my understanding is that they smoked them. Unless I just misunderstood about them? I just always thought you could smoke them but wasn't sure.
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I personally HAVEN'T smoked a pizza. Friends of mine have thrown them on a treager with outstanding results. Now I've tried with a webber charcoal kettle, for grilled home made pizza. Getting close but not there yet............. BTW I'm a firm believerĀ if you can put it in a oven, it can go in a smoker. GL

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