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Hi from Connecticut

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My wife bought me a weber smoker for Father's Day . So far a tried to smoke a chicken and a brisket. Notice I said tried. Thee chicken was ok, but I failed horribly with the brisket. I joined to get some help and tips to become a better smoker
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Don't feel too bad about the brisket. It can be tough to master. Brisket is all patience. Get your confidence back with pork butt. Very forgiving and you can pull or slice it, it can take a wide range of heat, and is very forgiving.
Where are you in ct?
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I am in tolland
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Welcome Ecastro65!  Congrats on the new smoker and a wife who loves you so much she wants you to do all the cooking!  Trust me, my wife buys just about all my kitchen and backyard gadgets.  She rarely cooks!


Check out the charcoal smoker section, the Weber Smokey Mountain owners group, and the general search feature in the Forum.  You can learn both how to use your smoker and get some great ideas and recipes for mouth-watering table fillers.  The meat sections are filled with tons of recipes and techniques.  Smoking is fun because it is so forgiving and there are a lot of simple yet varied techniques people use to achieve the same results. 


Brisket is probably the toughest cut of meat to smoke correctly, so cut your teeth on chicken, ribs, and pork butts.  Once you've mastered temp control, both of your smoker and the timing on the meat, then its time for brisket.  The fails become few and far between.  Mine only happen occasionally when I experiment, which I do pretty much every time I fire up my WSM because I get bored with doing the same thing over and over.   


Don't be shy around here.  Ask any question you want.  Folks love to help you become a true pit master.

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