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hi all from swpa

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Hello everybody new to the forum but I know a little bit about smoking, not sure if its right or wrong but the foods good! I was told to say a little bit about myself. I'm a happy father of 4 with a beautiful wife and a happy home! I've been playing around with grilling and smoking for a few years now and have built 3 smokers total with each 1 being better then the last. I've kinda become addicted to smoking and try to do something every wkend. For my next build I'm hoping to do a pig roaster but have no clue how to begin! When I figure the forum out I will be asking for opinions and insight into this process and look forward to some info,thanks again for having me.
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This is the last 1 I built and so far the best
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Hello and welcome to the forum, everybody likes smoker builds, looks like some good help in the picture


Gary S

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Haha! Yes they are!
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Hey, FatRat71. That's how we say hi down here in Georgia. Like "Hey, how y'all doin'?" I had a friend years ago from PA and he would say like, "Hi, how yens doing?" You northerners with your funny accents...


Enough about funny talk, I want to welcome you to the forum. I am new to smoking, so I have a lot to learn. What I like most about this forum is all of the different opinions people have about what's good and how to smoke it. Before I joined smokingmeatforum, I thought I was pretty good on the grill, then I started using the recipes and techniques I found here and everyone started really complimenting my cooking. I guess my original recipes weren't so good after all. The point I'm trying to make is don't hold back, if you have a recipe or way of doing something that works, please share it in the forum so us rookies can learn something. That goes double for the smoker build.

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Thx for the welcome grill monkey,and yes there is a lot of us up here that say yens! My wife and aren't 1 of them! As far as the smoking I'm probably.not as good as I think either but I really enjoy standing beside my smoker and trying new things! And the little bit of knowledge I have I will gladly share with anyone that asks. As far as the new build I will definitely be posting progress as it happens. Thx again
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