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1st time Baby back Ribs this weekend, questions. w/Pics. - Page 2

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Originally Posted by AintRite69 View Post

well here they are

these are the some of the best ribs i have ever eaten. they were cooked perfectly, how i like them anyway. take a bite and all the meat stays on the bone besides what was bitten. thanks for all of the advice eveyone.


MAN!!! Those look delicious!!!  What was your time/temp/wrap profile for this cook? What measure did you use for "doneness"??

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Thanks for compliment Remmy700P.



Here is what I did. I followed Yotezz directions and used his rub recipe he posted, earlier in the thread.

Originally Posted by Yotzee View Post

If you are patient, you can get the same tenderness and tug without wrapping.  I do my ribs at about 260-270 and don't even look at them for the first 4 hours.  Door closed.  No spritzing, no mopping, nothing.  At about 4 hours I take a peek and look for pull back and flexibility with the tongs.  Then I will when they are starting to show signs of passing the bend test I give them a thin mop of sauce (If I'm using one).  30 mins or so later I check them again.  If the pass the bend test and a toothpick test, they're done.  Tender, moist and just the right bite tug to come off the bone without falling off into a mushy mess.

I followed this pretty much to a t. It all matters in your preference in how you like the texture of your ribs. If you like them falling off the bone, then you want to use the foil in the 2-2-1 method (preferred method for baby back ribs), if not use what Yotzee has posted and they come out with a perfect tug, which I like.


I have just been smoking for 2 weeks so if I have made or a mistake or have said something not accurate, then hopefully someone will set it straight.

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