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Originally Posted by Yotzee View Post

One night I lit the fuse, put the pork on the Weber and went to bed. Bottom vent wide open, top vent almost wide open. It must have been mind if windy because I woke up about 6 hours later and what shoulda took about 9 hours to burn was just about fizzled and the butt looked like it was gonna be burnt. IT TURNED OUT AMAZING!!

Yeah sounds about what happened to me lol. 


Thats why I love pork shoulder because its so temp forgiving.  If you just give it enough time it will turn out good.


I just got the IT at around 200-210* so I just pulled it off the grill a few minutes ago.  People are coming over around 4 so Im just gonna let it rest in the cooler until we are ready to eat.  Gonna make some of Dutch's baked beans on the grill while we wait.


Already made some BBQ sauce that people can put on if they like.


Other than that I got the coleslaw, hot sauce, and dill pickles ready to go!


My only worry might be if its too smokey.  I used about 7 small hunks of pecan wood.  I pulled a little piece of the bark off before I put it in the cooler and it tasted pretty good so I am sure its fine because pecan is a lighter wood.  The smoke ring looked really good!


Getting hungry!

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Once you pull it and mix it all in the smoke will be just right
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Man. I just did my first 9lb pork Boston butt. I injected with Lilly's 6 time works champ injection recipe. Heavy on the rub. Took 14.5 hours! Smoking temp 240-265f with avg of 250f. Only had to restock coals once. Started with lump, finished with kingsford brickets as lump ashed over too quick. Kingsford burned like a champ. Kept the meat off while restocking. Only used clean fire and smoke. Spritzed with Apple juice every two hours. Flipped and rotated every 2/3 hours.
Foiled with couple tablespoons apple juice for last 2hrs! If you don't foil you lose the drippings!!! Finish temp 195 internal. Result?! Holy mother of hog heaven. Best thing I've ever ate! See for yourself.
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Got the beans cooking for a couple hours already.  Took the lid off to get some of that good bbq smoked flavor in there!


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Can't beat smoky beans.

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Originally Posted by Grillmonkey View Post

I'm doing it this way next time. How long you figure an 8lb butt would take @ 300 degrees....roughly.

Well 2 hrs a pound is always safe from what I hear.  So I would assume that would be low and slow at 225* which would be 16 hrs.

If you are increasing the temp by roughly 35% I would decrease time by roughly 35% which would be roughly 11-12 hrs.


Its all about temp so I am sure you can reach 195-205 @ 300* in 10-12 hrs on a 8 lb butt.


I started my 7.5 lb at 8 pm and it was done by 11am-12pm the next day.  So I figure 14-16 hrs.  But mine was boneless and I cooked at 225*.


Pork butt is pretty forgiving though.


Next one I am going to brine and use a rub!

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The final product!



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looks good. Great smoke penetration! 

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