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Is whitewood safe?

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I am constructing my SH out of white wood from Lowes/HD. Is that safe to have on inside cook chamber or do I have to insulate/cover up? One thought I had was to coat the entire thing in high grade oven paint. Thoughts?
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Leave it plain old white wood.... Cure it with many hours of smoke...

Got any plans or ideas about the smoke house..... popcorn.gif
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Please explain White Wood.

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Yea Dave I already have the thread started. I took vacation next week to finish but my boss said don't worry bout charging leave just don't come in haha. I am doing it like ATCNicks kinda but instead of doing the sfb out of bricks like he did I am using a UDS strictly as a SFB and piping it in with 6" chimney pipe.
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@timber If you look up definition it is kind of a generalization of different woods but the take I got was anything that isn't treated with chemicals for pressure treatment/pesticide.
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White wood from the big box stores are usually spruce... may leave a odor/taste if there are a lot of knots.  Don't paint the inside and keep your temps under 300*F you should be ok.



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Originally Posted by timberjet View Post

Please explain White Wood.

White wood is what the big box store call pine so they dont have to tell you what kind it is like Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine or Northern White pine ( Very soft and not that great of wood in my opinion and is called White Wood by Lowes and Home Depot)

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Oh ok. Yes what they said. should be fine at low temps. I get an education all the time here. Love it.

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Lol yea what he said...Im doing the outside in Rustoleum Restore deck paint.
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