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German Sausage

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Hey Ya'll ! New to the site here and really enjoy the reading & ideas. I have a question about the "German Sausage' the processors make in Central/West Texas from your deer and feral pigs they work with. I have yet to find a recipe that replicates these smoked, cooked, spicy wonders! The ones I have had in the past were fully cooked and took little time on the grill or throw on the dash for a few to reheat. I've made several different recipes, just haven't found the "one". Any direction is appreciated! Keep on keeping on!

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Welcome to the board! Look around in the Recipes or Sausage areas of the board.


Feral hogs are beginning to make the news here in Ohio.

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Use the search bar it will soon become your newest bestest friend - No hogs where I am but you should find something on it. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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The term "German Sausage" is really meaningless.  There are hundreds if not more than a thousand varieties of sausage made in Germany.  Many of those refer to a city or a locale?  There will be differences within one city or locale.


Even many of those are borrowed in whole or in part from neighboring countries, neighboring regions, or neighboring cities.


Same with "Italian Sausage".


The terms are used in the US to be somewhat generic.  But they are not.  The "German Sausage" or "Italian Sausage" you find in one store or one brand can be very different than another.


It really requires that we do some research and experimentation to find that "perfect" recipe for our own taste.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Venture, that's exactly what I've discovered! So many variables, even within the same region, is mind boggling. The search and experiments will continue till I find the "one".

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Ditto what Venture said. The Germans are said to be the best sausage makers.Who says that , the Germans.I am german and love the sausages made by German SMs. And the Italians and the polish , Etc.

 While the Germans are touted as the best sausage makers they also are the ones that invented the process of emulsifying meat so they could use more fat. The birth of the overly salted , rather slimy pink sausage.  Along with some great  sausage. My 2 cents. Weiss wurst

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