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My first brisket ever - OMG!

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So I bit the bullet, bought the packer brisket and proceeded to cook it on the Rec-Tec.  Trimmed it and rubbed it with Mad Hunky rub Thursday night, put it on the Rec-Tec at 220 degrees Friday night at 10PM.  13 hours later with an internal of 165 I wrapped it in foil and increased the temp to 275.  About two more hours, IT of 198, probe slid right in, nice and smooth.  Wrapped it in towels and into the cooler it went.  About two hours in, pulled it out, cut off the point and returned the flat to the foil and cooler.  Chunked the point, added some rub, sauce and au jus, put them on the cooker at 240 for another two hours.  What a feast!  I couldn't believe I cooked this myself, it was great!







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Nice looking brisket.  Congrats.

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So beautiful! We'll start calling you Myron cause he couldn't do no better!
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Great looking brisket!
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you're all over it ! that was  a  fantastic looking Q !!!

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Looks awesome frog, nice smoke for sure ! icon14.gif
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Very nice. icon14.gificon14.gif
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you got the smoke ring lookin good, that only happens when the moisture is right on taget in the cooking chamber.... nice job fellah....nice job..I say you did great on the first ry, now you are hooked.

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Can't ask for a better first one that is for sure!!!!:Looks-Great:

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