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I did some beef ribs a week ago taste good, salt pepper and cherry smoke for 4 hrs
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Smoked some caveman ribs on Saturday.   Got them at Restaur**t DeP*t.  Could not believe the huge amount of meat on them.  Rubbed with salt, pepper and garlic, wrapped in plastic and held in fridge 48 hrs.  Smoked with the 3-2-1 method.  Yum!   Also threw my mac & cheese in for the last 1.5 smoking hrs.  OOOOOOOOh so good.

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I think you did a great job on those ribs.  Those looked like the whole racks of beef back ribs that come in cryo packs.  Ya, it' seems like the only meat they leave on are between the bones.  Regardless, you did as good as anyone could do with them and the racks you prepared I'm sure were tasty.  They do sell them already split in cryo packs, and as I seen them, they seemed as if they had more meat on them [although not as much as freshly cut off a prime rib].  The one's I seen that were split were from a different producer than the one's that come in whole racks.  If you can find them already cut from a prime rib where you shop, that is the way to go, but you don't see that too often.  Great Job!!!  Reinhard

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Those ribs look real tasty. I'm still looking for some with substantial meat on them. Where one of my brothers live in northern Minnesota they do a lot of butchering, I have him looking for me.
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Hey, REMSR!!  If you can find a Coborns near you, they sell the short rib plate.  They will cut them for you cross cut or any way you like, or just leave them as they are.  You cant find any beef ribs anywhere that has as much as the plate.  We have one here near Anoka.  Reinhard

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karen, i love beef ribs, here is the secret!


Go to any Korean supermarket and ask the butcher for a short rib rack. Koreans eat a lot of beef short rib, but they cut it cross wise. Ask the butcher for one uncut and ask for a meaty one. you won't regret it! 


There are a lot of Korean Supermarkets in So Cal.

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They were delish.  Finishing them up tonight. Yum!

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I've only done one rack of Beef Ribs since We moved to Ohio , I wouldn't have bought , the son did , $6.99lb. and not enough meat to make broth, much less to eat. The Butchers here seem to scrape all the meat off they can, then sell the bones...


Home(but that was 20/yrs.) , I'd go get a Rack at Curley's Mkt. and bring out (almost) a Roast , and for $3.59 or so...


Yours look marvelous , and you can see the meat :drool


Have fun and . . .

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Karen your ribs looked good. But I have had the same issue with Beef Ribs because I can't fine meaty ones.
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I have to find me some ribs with meat like that, around here they are cut pretty close, not much meat


Gary S

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