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Mediocre smoker

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Hello all! I'm from the Buffalo NY area and have been smoking for awhile - but I know there is a lot more to learn. I use a repurposed bullet smoker that my neighbor and I have updated as needed. This morning I'm smoking a 5lb bone-in pork loin. Used a simple salt brine, a salt-garlic rub and a sweet molasses sauce to tie it all together. Can't wait for the result!
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Welcome Minger!  You'll learn quite quickly there's no such thing as a mediocre smoker.  We're all sharpening our skills and will each get better day by day until St. Peter says "So, what's on the smoker this weekend?" 


Enjoy your tasty sounding pork loin and feel free to share Q-views (pics) of your delicious sounding creation.  You got my mouth watering!

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Resting after 4 hours at 250 - 275!
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Welcome, glad ya joined us ! Let's have a peek of that loin when ya get a chance ! If ya don't show Q view, then we have to send this guy after ya ! police2.gif LOL !
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Hello and welcome, glad your smoke turned out


Gary S

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Welcome to SMF minger!! Glad you devices to join us. I'm tight up the street in Rochester.
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Thank you all for the warm smokey welcome! Just finished another pork loin for my neighbor that he dry rubbed. He grabbed it and ran so I couldn't get a picture. My pork turned out very well. The brine was a perfect mix with the molasses.
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