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Cooking Ribeye Roast

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I've been buying whole ribeys at Sams Club for several months and aging them in the UMAi dry bags which works out well tenderizing them. All you can get at Sams is choice which aren't all that tender. I was thinking of doing a ribeye roast on the grill but really don't know the procedure. I would like a good dark crust on the outside, medium rare inside. I know I can get the crust on the grill or on the side sear burner of the grill.


 At that point should I put it in my MES or in the oven, I don't think it will take a lot of smoke after the searing or am I wrong on that point. Am I wrong in assuming I should pull it once it hits 125, I pull ribeye steaks at 125 and the temp usually rises to 135 while resting but with such a huge chunk of meat can I expect the same. Anyway any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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This way is Awesome!!!


My easiest & Best tasting Smoke of ALL.







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Smoke via Bear's method first. Pull when it hits 115-120. Then sear on the grill and pull it when it hits 127ish. Let rest then slice.
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Thanks for the replies, I'll try one in thr coming week sometime,

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Just done a PR smoke, Bear style yesterday & it turned out awesome ! Here's the link if ya wanna peek !
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