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Masterbuilt 30 Digital smoker not turning on

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I recently got this smoker from a guy who was getting a new bigger one. He used it once and it worked fine. He had it plugged in when I went to see it. It powered up fine when I was here. We have it set up outside and it won't turn on. I checked the outlet and it is working. I even checked to see if the controller plug had come undone but that is secure. I read about cold affecting the units but it's summer and 75 degrees out. Anyone have any ideas? Is there something I'm missing?

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Don't know if you got the manual or not.  Here is a site with all manuals on line. Maybe you can find your model here and get some help.

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It won't turn on, at all? Or it won't heat? The cooking timer must be set for it to begin heating...JJ 

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It won't turn on at all. The power light indicator isn't lighting up. I do have the manual and have tried their troubleshooting tips as well. I guess I'll have to wait until I can contact Masterbuilt on Monday. Thank you for the suggestions.

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If you are plugged into a GFCI, make sure it is not tripped.  I know you said the outlet is good, but it never hurts to double check.  Also, if you are running an extension cord, try plugging the unit into the outlet direct. 

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This particular outlet is not a GFCI outlet. Anyway...tonight I pushed at the electrical cord (where it enters the unit) and it went in a couple of inches. I plugged it in again and lo and behold the power is working now. I can't see into the unit to see how this helped but it did, so now we are back in business. Thank you everyone who offered suggestions. This is a very helpful forum.

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I strongly suggest you take a closer look into the back of that unit.
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I agree. You may have a loose connection.
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Thanks! I will do that.

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