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Stuffed pork loin roast

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On tonight's menu, two slabs of St. Louis style ribs and a jalapeño and cream cheese stuffed pork loin roast (none of the pork loins were looking that good). No pictures, but they are sitting in the fridge in rub, they will go in the smoker around 1 or 2 (eating late tonight). I will grab some pics before they go in the smoker. I'm hungry already.
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For a little more info, I took the roast and made a couple of deep slices, then cut towards the middle. Mixed the cream cheese with homemade jalapeño jelly and slathered it generously inside. Rolled back together only to discover that my kid used all my string for a summer school project. So, rub was put on, wrapped in Saran Wrap and put in fridge. I have to run to the store anyway and I will get some string to tie it up.

This is my first pork loin roast, I will cook to IT around 145-150, but can anybody what I should be planning on time wise?
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So, my smoke got delayed to tomorrow. So watch for updates then. Since I have more time now, I'm thinking about brining some chicken thighs.....
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This place is bad for me. No chicken but I ended up making smoked Mac and cheese last night. It was great, but I tried cherry and alder and the top layer got a little too much alder to it. Next time I will try a different combo or go straight fruit wood.

The meat will go in today as soon as I am home from church.
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....I hear crickets....chirp....chirp
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Lookin good ! icon14.gif
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That looks really good!  What's the heat level on the Jalapeno cream cheese stuffing?  I'm always looking for new ways to add heat, but with flavor flavor; not just heat for the sake of heat like some of those crazy sauces that light you up.

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It's not bad at all, I personally think the homemade jalapeño jelly I use lends to a slow flavorful burn rather than scorch off the taste buds so you don't know if it tastes good or not
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