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Thanks knifebid!
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OK, the PP is not thawed, I'm getting nervous. I put in the fridge last night. Regardless, it has to go in the roaster tomorrow morning. It not only needs to reheat but still really needs to cook a bit. I stopped at 188-190 and pulled in big chunks with all the fat still in it. I'm certain this was the right way to go. We will see, stay tuned.

Since I don't have Qview today, I thought I'd share my 9 year old's business venture. Instead of a lemonade stand, she made cake pops and sold them for 50 cents a piece. I told her that mom and dad could retire and live off her business earnings. Hahaha, we wish!

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I had the itch, so I had to fire up the grill. We need bacon on at lest 3 recipes for tomorrow so why not cook it on the grill?!

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never tried grilling bacon. Too afraid of the grease fire...

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Do it off set/2 zone, it's easy on a charcoal grill. You don't get individual slices, they stick together. Baking it in the oven on a cooling rack together with a foil covered tray is easy than frying but this is way easier.
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The roaster was easy, the PP turned out great. These cheap roasters are way easier with a party.

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Looks great, I guess it was a successful party?


Those cake pops look awesome too!

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Thank you.
It was a success, everyone loved the PP.
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